The Mentalist Creator and Stars Discuss the Jane/ Lisbon Dilemma, Boast of a Love-or-Hate Finale

I just. . . my love for Robin and Simon knows no bounds.


The Mentalist Preview Jane Lisbon Three may be a crowd on The Mentalist (Sunday, 10/9c), but four was company when the CBS series’ creator, Bruno Heller , along with leads Simon Baker and Robin Tunney , spoke with TVLine to survey the season-ending arc centered on Lisbon’s D.C. debate and how it’s stirring something in Jane. Read on for their thoughts about navigating that sticky wicket and how the May 18 (series?) finale will split the audience 50-50.

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TVLINE | Bruno, I understand that it was always the show’s intent to get to this place with Jane and Lisbon at the end of this season, even dating back to last summer?
BRUNO HELLER | We were certainly thinking about it. When the show started, for me there was not a thought of that at all. But one of the things about TV over…

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One thought on “The Mentalist Creator and Stars Discuss the Jane/ Lisbon Dilemma, Boast of a Love-or-Hate Finale

  1. Gail Covell says:

    I don’t ever want The Mentalist to end. Once Teresa and Patrick kiss, all crazy kinds of things go off inside both of them. They realize that this is real love. They’ve had years of getting to know one another, (she has him figured out although she doesn’t let on because he wouldn’t feel safe and she is aware of and sensitive to that) building a strong trust and friendship. The sexual undercurrent is so obvious! If anyone hasn’t felt it they are definitely without feelings!

    I’d like to see them have babies and still work together. The writers can go from here adding drama and excitement! I don’t get paid to write. 🙂

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