*Sneak Peek* Parent Trap Rucas AU

Chapter 1 the Elopement

“Are you sure you want to do this, honey?” Maya asked as she fixed Riley’s veil they’d purchased in one of the ship’s gift shops for the occasion.

“We were going to get married eventually,” Riley answered as she fidgeted with a stray curl. “Except Lucas is going right into grad school now that we’ve graduated and there won’t be any time to set a date after this.”

“But you’ve always dreamed of a big church wedding,” Maya reminded her. “I can’t believe you’re giving it all up.”

“For Lucas,” Riley replied. “I’m giving it all up for Lucas. I love him and if you really love somebody then it won’t matter where or how you marry them. If Josh were to propose, would it matter how the two of y0u got married if it meant you got to spend the rest of your life with him?”

“Of course not!” Maya said. “But I haven’t been keeping a scrapbook filled with clippings from Modern Bride since I was 12, either.”

“I’ve been doing it for you too!” Riley told her cheerfully.

Maya rolled her eyes. “Of course you have!”

The door opened and Smackle poked her head through, grinning at the maid of honor and the bride. “The groom and ship’s captain are ready for you, Riley.”

Riley turned to look at Maya. “How do I look Peaches?”

“Beautiful!” Maya assured her as she linked arms with her. “Come on, let’s go and get you hitched to Huckleberry.”

Zay, Farkle and Lucas were all waiting at the end of the aisle for the girls as they proceeded down the aisle, one after another.

Lucas smiled at Riley and took her hand, ready to spend the rest of his life with her.


When the ceremony was over, they all went to have dinner in the dining room. The captain let them all sit at the table with him because it wasn’t every day there was a wedding on the ship and he and his wife had been married young too.

He thought it might give them good luck in their marriage to sit with a couple who’d had 40 wedding anniversaries.

They danced the night away and had souvenir pictures taken by the ship’s photographer while their friends watched, giving them their privacy even though they wanted to be involved so badly. But they had only needed them as witnesses, they wanted to spend the rest of the night together. By themselves.


“Maya, do you think my dad and mom will upset they’re not here to see me get married?” Riley asked anxiously before going into the boy’s room later that evening to be with Lucas.

“You don’t have to tell them,” Maya answered. “You can always have another wedding in a few years and tell them after the reception you got married on our graduation cruise. Everything will be okay, don’t worry about it! They’ll never know!”

Three Weeks Later

“Why am I so sick!?” Riley groaned as she threw up again.

“Maybe it was the new restaurant you and Maya ate at last night,” Lucas suggested as he brushed his teeth.

“Lucas, if I had food poisoning, I would have gotten it last night!” Riley told him, resting her head against the toilet and closing her eyes. “You literally get it right away!”

Lucas shrugged and . “I’m calling Josh to see how Maya is. If she’s sick too, he’ll know about it.”

“Yeah well, if Maya were sick, she would have called me!” Riley insisted. “We tell each other everything.”

“I have him on the phone right now!” Lucas announced. “The phone is ringing. Hey Josh, this is Lucas! Your favorite nephew! Yeah, Riley’s puking her guts out right now and we were wondering how Maya’s doing. I see. Oh, she’s doing just fine? You’re with her having breakfast right now? Alrightie! I’ll talk to you later. ‘Bye!”

Riley glared at him. “You told Josh we were married?”

“Maya told him. They’re not even married yet and she still tells him everything. Don’t worry, he promised not to tell. But he thinks you need to go to the OB-GYN. He says you could be pregnant.”

“Ha! That’s crazy because I’m due for my period. . .” Riley trailed off and gulped as she did the math in her head. “Lucas, I’m late. . .”


“Pregnant!” Cory screeched.

“How can you be pregnant!?” Topanga asked. “Riley, we always told you to wait until you were married to have sex!”

“We were on the ship and it was so romantic. . .” Riley started to explain. “And I didn’t think you could actually get pregnant the first time, you know? I thought it was just Lifetime’s way of scaring you into practicing abstinence.”

“You got pregnant on the trip Farkle’s parents paid for!? Riley, you were supposed to be the responsible one.”

“They got married on ship!” Josh interjected, defending his niece’s honor.

“You got married without us!?” Cory shouted.

“You knew about it!?” Topanga asked, glaring at Josh.

“Maya and I don’t have any secrets,” Josh answered. “But it wasn’t like it was my place to tell you guys about it. Riley is 22-years-old, she’s not a little girl anymore. If I came and told you guys, it would be as good as tattling.”

“Riley, why!?” Topanga asked. “Why would you get married without us?”

“Because! Because Lucas is going to veterinarian school in Texas!” Riley replied. “And we didn’t want to wait forever to get married. We both knew we were going to do it eventually. We were planning on getting remarried when he graduated, having the whole big wedding thing with our friends and family. I never counted on getting pregnant though!”

“Well, when you’re married, there’s always a chance of having a kid if you’re not practicing safe sex!” Topanga told them.

“We did. . .” Lucas said. “We’re not stupid.”

Topanga sighed. “Well, I guess we have to accept this. But you have to promise us that on your five year wedding anniversary, you’ll have a big wedding with all your friends and family!”

“We promise!” Lucas and Riley said together.

TBC. . .


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