I Believe. . .

I believe in fairy tales and in true love and that eventually, love will win out in the end no matter what. I believe in wishing on shooting stars and dandelion dust. I believe in Christmas and that you can fall in love again even after you’ve lost it to the worst of circumstances. I believe in second chances and that music really does heal, that just hugging is a powerful thing, that sometimes crying is the best therapy, that laughter is the best medicine. I believe that Anne Frank was right. . . in spite of everything, people really are good at heart. I believe that people do have an effect on us, even after they are gone. Especially after they’re gone. I believe in family, in sisterhood, in the bra code, in best friends. That fictional characters become part of our lives just for a little bit, that for a short amount of time they are our friends and that in the pages of a book, in the scenes of a movie or a television show there are lessons to be learned. I believe in superheros, I believe that we need them in our lives because they symbolize hope. I believe in Narnia and in Neverland. I believe in good coffee, in glitter, that sometimes a Starbucks barista does more than just make your coffee. I believe in bare feet and high heels and painted toenails. I believe that everybody is beautiful in their own way, that every girl is a princess. . . it is their right. I believe that one day there will be peace on earth, that everything has a purpose under the sun and that God is real. 

I especially believe that God is real.


100 things that make me happy (in no particular order)

100. izzy watermelon soda

99. old bookstores

98. libraries

97. skinny jeans

96. short skirts

95. season premieres

94. black tights

93. girl talk

92. puppies

91. lifetime movies

90. hallmark movies

89. tumblr

87. dancing crazy

86. pink

85. watermelon gum

84. high heels

83. sparkles

82. movie premieres

81. new books


79. showing my legs off after keeping them covered up all winter

78. converse sneakers

77. thrift stores

76. glitter

75. nail polish

74. walking around target

73. to love another person is to see the face of god

72. hugs

71. cuddling with my youngest sister

70. over-sized sweaters

69. old movies

68. coffee ice cream

67. music

66. bare feet

65. finally beating that level on candy crush

64. sunshine

63. phone calls with my best friend

62. summer vacation

61. beach trips

60. starbucks

59. dunkin donuts

58. hazelnut iced coffee

57. carbs

56. mac & cheese

55. flannel shirts

54. daddy’s sweatshirts

53. clean sheets

52. clothes dried on the line

51. visits from my grandparents

50. skyping with my cousins

49. fishtail braids

48. messy buns

47. frank sinatra/gene kelly movies

46. broadway musicals

45. fan fiction updates

44. instyle magazine

43. new chap stick 

42. short lines at the grocery store

41. stacy’s pita chips

40. movies that move you to give standing o’s 

39. my sister, hannah

38. mixed tapes

37. strong song lyrics

36. rain showers

35. being snowed in

34. frozen

33. classical music

32. weddings

31. pedicures 

30. peppermint stick ice cream

29. christmas specials

28. white lights

27. decorating the christmas tree

26. jane & lisbon

25. when somebody else cooks breakfast

24. you’ve got mail

23. birthdays

22. having money to spend at the mall

21. sales at target

20. itunes gift cards

19. crayons

18. dinner

17. when the boston red sox wins the world series

16. when the patriots win the super bowl

15. red lipstick

14. new taylor swift songs

13. build your own pasta at macaroni grill 

12. all that jazz from chicago 

11. finn & rachel duets

10. 8tracks playlists

09. daddy fanboying

08. smooth legs

07. bracelets that fit

06. ideas that translate smoothly into stories

05. good reviews on stories i write

04. kissing scenes

03.   boy meets world

02. answered prayers

01. my family


This post was inspired by a book my sister got at Whole Foods. . .